Lighting & Lighting Solutions

Change the way people light and think about their world.


Fly the commercial, marine and military world, providing engines and aviation services.

Intelligent Platforms

Bring clever technology and solution to industries globally.


Find innovative ways to move goods and people quickly and efficiently.

GE Capital

Help thousands of business customers, large and small, reach their financial potential.


Develop custom engineered products for highly demanding applications around the world.


Ensure more advanced, sophisticated technology for nuclear energy.

Smart Substation

Look at new, smart ways in which we can generate, move and mange electrical energy.


Change the way the world thinks about power and the world we live in tomorrow.

Oil & Gas

Provide technologies that address tomorrows energy challenges.

Water & Process Technologies

Bring clean, safe water to billions of people around the world.


Help people live longer, fuller lives using clever thinking and technology.

Latest job opportunities at GE Canada

Commercial Leadership Program

A strong core curriculum and challenging assignments will test and develop your sales and marketing capabilities.

Edison Engineering Development Program (EEDP)

If you’re a technology zealot looking for a career in engineering, this complete program will polish your technical problem-solving skills and accelerate your readiness for the working world.